Guerilla marketing is and always will be an unconventional and radical form of advertising one’s businesses.  If you find yourself in a tight spot with little to no money for advertising, you will have to turn to guerilla marketing examples for the inspiration to continue marketing your business.   Every startup company, no matter how successful at first, should resort to guerilla marketing techniques.  It is a natural way to use the idea and work power of your company’s staff without spending a ton of money on marketing.  When you go about your planning for guerilla tactics, keep the following points in mind.

When you don’t have much money, go to guerilla marketing

Just because you seem to have enough money for a small advertising campaign, and you think it’s really gonna work, stop and think.  Think of what you can do with that small amount of money if you put thrice the thought power and a little innovation into your processes.  When you don’t have much money for advertising, instead of trying so hard to go the conventional route, think outside of the box.  You will be happy that you did when you start to see the rewards of your hard work and planning.

When you need to compete with giants

You know it is time to start using guerilla marketing tactics when your competition out number you many times to one.  If you can’t beat them using conventional means, you shouldn’t give up, you just need to change your tactics.  A change of plans in your advertising can mean the difference between victory and defeat for your company.  When it comes to competing with giants in your field with brand names that everyone has heard of, it doesn’t do much good to exhaust your limited resources trying to beat them at their game.  You have to invent and use techniques that catch people off guard and make them think about what your company has to offer.  Often it is your staff with exceptional customer service skills that will help you do that.