Being bigger than a standard domestic fridge automatically puts the refrigerator in the category of ‘large refrigerators‘.  But what exactly qualifies something to be fridge? the truly large refrigerators come in all shapes and sizes, from the tiny little refrigerators that fit under desks in many offices, to huge chilled warehouses that are big enough to drive trucks into.  Anything bigger than standard is ‘large’, and that term goes up all the way to gigantic. The interesting thing is that the fridge portion of most household appliances is not actually very big, it just looks big because it consists of a freezer and a refrigerator stacked on top of each other.

The most common truly large frigs the average person runs into are at the grocery store.  Going through a grocery store, people will encounter all sorts of ‘large’ fridges.  Everything from the deli counter to the huge chilled rooms in the back count as fridges, and grocery stores have a wide variety.  The strangest refrigerator, comparatively speaking, is the deli fridge, with its open top and low lying fridge space.  The chilled sections of a grocery store generally go all the way around the walls of the store, and sometimes include things such as walk in beer closets, which are rooms devoted entirely to keeping beer cold and accessible to customers. There are often aisles that have fridges and freezers going up the sides.

The very large fridges, however, are listed on the United States Department of Agriculture website.  The list has files going back to the 1930s and is about warehouses that are very large indeed. Chilled warehouses are the largest refrigeration units in the world, with space for trucks to drive into them and are much bigger than what the average person considers a ‘large’ fridge–usually a fridge the neighbor has that is a few inches wider than the one they have.