All of us are addicted to junk foods ad our culture (TV, social media, etc) also encourages us to eat it. This should be changed by eating healthy foods. We can train our mind to have the same carvings for the natural foods too. Yes, we can do this really.

Yogurt with fruits

Eating a fruit flavored candy or eating a real fruit depends fully on our mind and we are brainwashed that the candy is ‘treat’ (something special) and the fruit is something that is prepared by our mother.

The first thing we have to do is to re-train our mind to enjoy the natural healthy foods too. A person who had never seen or tasted any candy will surely enjoy the fruits. We should not stay as corrupted by keeping in our mind that candy is superior that fruits.

It is pretty simple to do. Before few years I used to eat large pizza thrice or four times per week and due to that I have gained more weight. Then make up my mind to eat low carbohydrate, low fat and low sugar foods (of course stopped eating pizza too)  and hence I lost 30 pounds now. (If you want to gain weight, then you can try large pizza thrice per week. But that won’t be healthy)

I am not asking all of you to come away from junk foods but to get away from the junk food addiction. You can eat junk foods rarely, but not frequently. If you feel hard to change your mind from junk food addiction to healthy food addiction, you have to replace junk foods by healthy tasty foods.

Some healthy alternatives for junk foods:

Honey dipped apple slices
Apple dipped in honey

Skimmed milk with chocolate protein powder instead of chocolate powder

Veg burger instead of hamburger

Dry fruits instead of candy

Dark chocolate squares (reduces blood pressure, rich in anti oxidants) instead of chocolate candy bars.

Low salt, no butter popcorns instead of potato chips

Yogurt with honey, nuts or fruits on top instead of ice cream

Banana or frozen grapes instead of candy

Turkey bacon (low fat) instead of pork bacon

Flavored sparkling instead of soda

Banana or apple slices with peanut  butter instead of snack cake

Fresh berries or frozen berries or bananas on cereal instead of sugary cereal

Baked and salted potato wedges with olive oil instead of French fries.

The above said alternatives will be as yummy as artificial candies and over time you will get the same carving for these natural foods as their unhealthy counterparts.

Remember that you are in the path of losing weight and you have to do that in a healthier manner to enjoy healthy and happy life.

You can also add any more natural food alternatives in comment section if you have any.