Vertical gastrectomy stomach surgery is not perhaps as well-known as other types of weight loss surgery but can be achieved by many of surgeons in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and Belgium. The perpendicular gastrectomy procedure is sometimes known as a vertical sleeve gastrectomy, a curvature gastrectomy gastric loss to get a vertical gastroplasty.

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The gastrectomy is actually a restricted kind of bariatric surgery which removes nearly all the belly and creates fat reduction. When it comes to vertical gastrectomy stomach surgery there isn’t any intestinal bypass therefore a number of the problems associated with gastric by pass surgery, such as anemia, obesity, protein deficiency and vitamin deficiency, are largely eradicated. Some critics assert nevertheless that the absence of an intestinal skip within this sort of surgery contributes to a low weight loss and might lead to weight regain.

In patients, and especially where the patient’s BMI is over 60, it is tricky to carry out other types of weight loss surgery, such as a switch or for instance a bypass , laparoscopically. Additionally, whilst the switch may be particularly effective for patients with a BMI it may also be quite risky to attempt to the laparoscopically. Additionally, whilst the Roux-en-Y doesn’t present the same degree of risk, weight loss seen in high BMI patients is not satisfactory.

The perpendicular gastrectomy can however often be achieved laparoscopically with these patients losing as much as 200 pounds as a result and sometimes 100 pounds, for example weighing in excess of 500 lbs, for obese patients. While this may still leave lots of patients classed as obese, it still lowers their BMI patients and considerably may subsequently be offered the possibility of further surgery, like for instance a Roux-en-Y gastrointestinal by pass, a duodenal switch and even laparoscopic adjustable gastric band operation, to allow them to reach their final weight.

Gastrectomy tummy surgery can also be performed on BMI patients however, while it may create results, it’s not as effective. Nevertheless, it is a choice for all patients including those who may be concerned about the potential long term negative consequences of bypass or that suffer with problems which may rule out intestinal bypass surgery. It might be an option for patients that believe that lap band operation are appropriate, but who are worried about the implantation of a’body’ by way of the group and its alteration port.

Just like many types of surgery there are both disadvantages and advantages to gastrectomy gut surgery and prior to making a decision each patient might need to look at those.