As we talk about technology, there are many things which are being developed by many people around the world. Apart from the things which are used to harm people the technology has helped a lot of people in various ways. There are many medical miracles which are easily seen with the help of the technology and believe me or not this is the most important field where technology has left its mark upon. At the beginning, the use of the Internet was restricted, and only the U.S. Army could use the internet for training. But once the internet was made legal for the use of general people, it created a new world that we can see now. Not only this, but also people are using the internet in their day to day life. According to the latest survey, 99 percent of the people use the Internet, and 85 percent of them spend their most of the time using the internet.

There is not a single which is left untouched by the internet and technology. In the various industries where people have to work for hours so that they can get more profit to the company, but is now taken over by the technology. These people don’t have to take the heavy load of the work, and rather all the load is taken by the machines which are created using the technology. Tourism development is also left untouched, and people can use the technology to get maximum comfort and easy travelling. For those people, it has become easier to work and travel that travel a lot or their job makes them travel. Most of the people love to travel as they can see all the natural beauty and culture of different places and the use of technology has made is easy and interesting.

There are many things such as global distribution system and computer reservation system which have made things easier than it was. E-ticketing can help people get the tickets of anywhere and can be easily assessed with the home-based computer system and the internet. The internet is the main reason for the development of the technology and information and most of the things which you can see today is because of the internet. These days’ people can book the tickets very easily, quickly and faster than previous times and there is nothing which can deny the fact. With the availability of E-ticketing, the expense such as printing the tickets and mailing them as greatly decreased as there is no reason for those things. According to the latest survey, 50 percent of the people who travel use the E-ticketing to book their tickets which enable them to travel with low-cost filters.