The conventional custom of capturing snails from the uncontrolled will likely be outside of trend due to the uncontrolled environments which function as habitat for snail is progressively being dropped because of various human activities. Besides, the probability of exhausting the wild stock is inescapable. It had been with this premise that heliculture,, involving manipulation of the environment to allow it to be suitable for a large scale and all time of year generation of wholesome and desirable species of snails was launched.

A Practical Guide into Snail Farming: This 78-page guidebook is free and comprises everything (theory and practice) you will ever have to start out and triumph in a snail farming business. It covers all areas of the area and also offers advice on what best to market your snails. Heliculture(Snail farming) is a potential lucrative company. Additionally, it can supply a sustainable solution to your shared economic, nutritional and health troubles. It may cause economic empowerment, self control and rural improvement. Snail farming is also an environmentally friendly practice as snails don’t have any gruesome odour like pigs. This is launched with minimal capital and distance depending on the scale. It can be united along with other businesses and also reared at the yard. Snails can survive wholly on feeds. Snail meat can be a delicacy and trade at snail is equally just as old as man. Consequently, the cost of snail increases particularly throughout dry season. Irrespective of the cost of snail, ingestion of beef is continuously increasing as many Nigerians have snails for numerous explanations.

However, it has the reproductive skill which produces these slow critters a joy into an entrepreneur. Snails can give quite large yields in your primary investment in the event you do your homework properly and aim area of interest and repeat customers.

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Most of the farms were established by the State Government about the grounds of geographic spread And adoption pace of the technologies by the people is low. Together with the low scale of generation from most farms the aims for presenting the tech has not been realized. Pest infestation and absence of capital would be the key elements militating against snail farming from the are as it could be practiced. The extension unit of the State Agricultural Development Programme must exude awareness on snail Behavior. In order to improve adoption of the tech, the government must train interested farmers and assist in establishing snail pens for individuals coached by expansion representatives.

It can be conducted in the garden (if you are in possession of a large 1) or onto this piece of land squandering a way on your village or neighbourhood.

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Some Things That You Ought to Take into Consideration Before You Begin a snail farm

In terms of price and period, snail farming can be really a low hazard enterprise. Unlike many other livestock companies, snail farming requires very little startup and managing costs.

Snails are friendly to the environment and their droppings aren’t offensive (unlike pigs and poultry) therefore there’s no likelihood that an angry neighbor will come knocking.

Snails additionally multiply extremely fast setting around 100 eggs in 1 go. Since snails are hermaphrodites (have both male and female sexual organs), they make to mate readily through the duration of the year. This elevated reproduction rate has generated snails a insect in many areas of the world.